Making a Difference one life at a time

Making a Difference one life at a time

Making a Difference one life at a timeMaking a Difference one life at a timeMaking a Difference one life at a time

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We Can Help, The Time is Now.

About Us

Our Team


The Sobriety Resource is a non profit organization and its mission is to help those dying as a result of their addiction and the families that are caught in the cycle with them. Our amazing team of volunteers are committed to helping others. We utilize our training, expertise and passion to guide those in need to fulfill their destiny.  We  lift our recovery voice to the community and we advocate for accountability across the continuum of care.

Our History


The Sobriety Resource was born out of an obvious need to assist those families and their loved ones suffering with addiction lacking the ability to appropriately navigate the labryinth of detox, treatment centers and sober living programs.  In a time of crisis, The Sobriety Resource seeks to assist those families in making informed decisions that are in the best interest of their loved one and this approach is backed by 20 years of experience in the field.  

We also recognize the need for an ongoing dialogue with our communities if we are to dispel many myths about what it means to be in recovery. We accomplish this through Community Events, Fundraisers and Advocacy. We aim to foster connectedness in an meaningful way that promotes equality and understanding.

Our Mission


To assist those who need guidance locating detox, treatment, or sober living programs but are without the information or resources to do so.  We offer assessments, education, family support and even financial assistance.  We achieve this utilizing various professional relationships as well as collaborate with other organizations throughout our community.  We offer all of these services at no cost.

We also support organizations throughout Georgia that educate, advocate and innovate. These organizations are well respected, well established and have demonstrated their commitment to the recovery movement. Working collaboratively is THE quickest way to effect change and serve those that need it the most.

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Your generous donation will fund our mission and most importantly help save a life! We exist because of generous donations from folks like you.  Please consider making a tax deductible donation to support this great work.  It could actually save a life.

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